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"It’s so strange to feel so attached to someone who’s so far away. It’s waking up in the morning and turning over and realizing you’re all alone. It’s going some place and wanting to share the experience. It’s going for a drive and having an empty passenger seat. It’s having a life without anyone to live it with. I know this distance was designed to keep us apart and we’ll overcome it someday. I just wish I could hold your hand and lead you on an adventure. I wish I could spend my far to many lazy days cuddled up with you. I’m sick of having so much love for you and not being able to actually love you like you deserve. There’s a tenderness in my heart for you only. One day I’ll be with you and I won’t feel so lonely."

— I’m in love with you (via aliyahjordyn)

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I wrote this for my girlfriend and anytime I try to play it I get emotional so I sound a little messed up, I apologiiiize.

Here’s that original. Let me know what you thinkkk :)

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Holy shit😍😭😍😭😍😭😍💕 I love her voice😍


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